Lightbox Distributors - Home Therapy Units

If a doctor has determined that phototherapy is the treatment of choice for your condition, a home unit may be an option. If you are interested in exploring this possibility, it is something that you need to discuss with your doctor.

The following companies are familiar with patients’ needs and have experience in insurance reimbursement assistance and getting payment towards home phototherapy equipment. They will assist you in getting pre-authorization and filing the insurance claim. They may also have access to used equipment at a reduced price, so be sure to ask.

Donating Phototherapy Unit
We are frequently asked if the Foundation can assist individuals find a new home for a phototherapy unit they no longer need. Purchasing a home phototherapy unit is very expensive and it is very generous of you to want to share it with another person living with cutaneous lymphoma. Unfortunately, we can’t legally help with the sale or donation of your used phototherapy unit due to a U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. Only physicians or licensed light manufacturers and distributors can help with the sale or trade of a phototherapy light unit.

Please contact the manufacturer of your phototherapy unit if you would like information on how to recycle the unit.

SolArc Systems - United States

Phone: 1.866.813.3357


Phone: 800-UVBioTek (882-4683)

Ultralite Enterprises, Inc.

Phone: 800-241-7506

National Biological Corporation

Phone: 800-338-5045


Phone: 1-800-DAAVLIN

SolArc Systems - Canada

Phone: 1.866.813.3357